Tuesday, March 31, 2015


March 28, 2015

It is hard to believe fall has arrived.  It has become very apparent in the last week.  The Poincea trees are losing their leaves and others are turning yellow.  It is still warm but most evenings cool off now so it is easier to sleep. 

January was a quiet month.  It was pretty warm so we did not venture far from home.  I did take the opportunity to swim several times a week but found out it was irritating my back and causing me pain so had to give it up.  It has been real hard because I was enjoying the lap pool.

Cyclone Marcia
February 29 Cyclone Marcia came ashore north of Rockhampton at Yeppoon.  The young missionary flat in Rockhampton was flooded.  Power was out for several days but all the missionaries were safe.  They moved their beds into the dining area for two days.  We were blessed with a miracle and able to find them another flat within two days.  It usually takes a week or more but the Lord was watching over the missionaries.   The storm turned south but had weakened considerably and we just got lots and lots of rain.  Here I am soaking it up as it came in under our front door. 

 February 24, 2015      We had a surprise visit from Tonga the 24th of February.  The Office Couple, Elder Garth Hamblin and Sister Sandy Hamblin flew into Brisbane.  Sister Hamblin came for some tests to check out pressure she was feeling in her chest.    The mission was able to provide them with a vacant flat in which to stay until Sister Hamblin was cleared to return to Tonga.  The best part of the visit is they are friends from Alaska.  In fact I was working with Elder Hamblin and the Tonga Mission President (President Tupou) to be called to Tonga.  The Missionary Department had Sister Parsons and me flagged for Tonga but when the call was issued the Lord had a different plan and therefore we are here in the Australia Brisbane Mission.  We had a great weekend together.  Sister Hamblin was released from the hospital on Thursday afternoon.  Friday evening they went to the Brisbane Cultural Arts Center to see Wicked and they loved it.