Monday, August 11, 2014

August 2014 One Month in Brisbane

August 11, 2014

Last Saturday we went to the Brisbane Temple which is located on Kangaroo Point very near downtown Brisbane and is right on the Brisbane river.  There is a ferry system on the river called the River Cat which travels several miles up and down the river with numerous stops.  We are looking forward to taking that trip this next week.  I took pictures of the city and river from the the street across from the Temple.

Saturday we decided to see something besides the city.  We drove north to what they call the Gold Coast Hinterlands to the Mary Cairncross Reserve which is a rainforest.  It had a lovely path through the forest where we saw some amazing trees, vines and bats hanging from the trees.

It is a much different rain forest from the ones in the Northwest.  No moss covering everything in this rain forest just very large trees with many smaller ones trying to make there way to the sunlight.  Their growth is stunted until a larger tree falls and leaves an opening so the smaller trees can race for the sky.

We had to drive along the top of a ridge for a long ways to get to the reserve.  From there we were able to see the Glasshouse mountains in the distance.  They also are different from our mountains as you can see in the pictures.  The country side is rolling hills with open pastures and sections of trees. We drove through a couple of picturesque towns that we want to revisit when it gets warmer.  

I achieved a milestone this week.    A week ago Sunday I got brave and went out and drove around the area to familiarize myself with driving on the left side of the road.  Because I had been a passenger and navigator for three weeks I felt amazingly comfortable.  I drove to the mountains and back yesterday.  I guess I am now officially an Aussie driver.  

Our apartment is almost complete.  We purchased two area rugs this weekend which have brightened up the living room.  Need some accent pillows with some color and at least one picture for the large wall.  

This coming Wednesday we will be here for a month.  We have learned many things at the mission office.  I am really enjoying the work.  There was an orientation for the new missionaries who came in a week ago.  Because Pat and I were new we were in attendance.  It was an inspiring meeting.  It is wonderful to get to know and watch the new missionaries as they learn about the mission and expectation for their mission.  

I think we are going to take the City Cat this weekend which is a ferry that runs the length of the Brisbane river and just see what facinating places we want to see.  The prediction is rain but we will hope for the best.  

I am really enjoying the work I am doing at the mission office.  I am working with the Financial Secretary paying bills for flats, utilities, reimbursing missionaries, etc.  Much more to learn and am anxious to learn all I can.  

If you cannot figure out or do not want to make a comment on the blog just send and email or a message on facebook.  I would love to hear from you. 

Hope all is well with everyone.  May the Lord Bless each of you. 

Mary Ann


  1. It is so much fun to follow your journey in Australia, Mary Ann. Thanks for keeping us up to date here!

  2. Hi Maryann,
    This is Paul Scott! I am trying to help Mom figure this out so she can reply too! Your mission sounds great! Talk to you later!