Friday, July 18, 2014

July 14, 2014

Arrived in Brisbane Sunday morning July 13 at 7:33 AM after a very, very long flight.  It took approximately 15 hours to fly from Los Angeles to Brisbane.  The flight attendants took good care of us by providing two meals and numerous snacks and drinks. President and Sister Henderson (Mission President and his wife) picked us up at the airport.  Took us to their home because they had been unable to find a flat for us.   I took a short nap about noon and then managed to stay up until 7:30 Sunday evening.  Slept until 6:15 and did not feel much jet lag the first day.   Pat and I  spent most of Monday on the computer looking at flats (apartments) to rent.  They rent by the week and you have to call to make an appointment to inspect the flat.  You are given 15 minutes to view the flat and make a decision.  Much different than the US.  We have three appointments tomorrow and two on Wednesday.

Tuesday we looked at a couple of flats.  We took an application back to the first flat we looked at and the real estate agent who happens to be the owner of the complex offered us the flat.  This is unheard of in Australia.  It usually takes at least a couple of weeks.  All the Senior missionaries were amazed.  They told us we charmed the landlord and maybe we did.  It is a nice 2 bedroom flat with 2 baths a decent sized living room that includes an eating area with two balconies.  One off of the living room and one off the front bedroom.

Wednesday we finally got started on the office work part of this mission.  I felt like I was home processing those bills etc.   I really enjoyed it. We picked up the lease agreement from the landlord.  And got it signed by the president.  Unbelievable !!  All the senior missionaries who are here in Brisbane went to dinner to get to know one another.  We had a great time and look forward to more socializing. 

Thursday was in a meeting with the group of people in Brisbane who have any responsibility for missionary housing.  It was a fast and furious meeting where I had to listen very carefully to understand a couple of the people.

We are now the proud recipients of the keys to our flat. Now we need to get furniture which is in the works.  Hopefully we can move in the middle of next week.  We plan on going to Ikea on Saturday to look for a number of household items.

It was a busy day today which made the time go by faster.  There will be plenty of work to keep us busy.  The Monteque's took us down to the river to see the Temple and the city skyline.  The Brisbane river serpentines through the city of Brisbane.  There is a lot of pleasure boating and tourist ferries on the river.  It was a bit cool this evening so we did not stay long.  It has been a pretty cool week.  All the Australians are cold.  I must admit I am a bit cold myself having not brought a jacket anticipating much warmer weather.  They say spring is in a month and it will really get warm.

Sorry no pictures this time.  Will attach pictures of the apartment on next blog.  Looking forward to getting settled in our own flat so I can unpack everything.  Also looking forward to warmer weather.  Have not tried driving yet.  Have been observing, maybe soon.

May  you all be blessed with wonderful blessings......

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