Saturday, July 5, 2014

The first week at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) was spent in class being taught from Preach My Gospel.  On Wednesday and Thursday we were taken to the Training Resource Center where we met with an investigator and taught a lesson.  Any of you who have been to the MTC know these investigators are members of the church who volunteer to role play with the missionaries.  I hate this part.  My mind goes blank I get so nervous.  I did better today but we have one more role play tomorrow.  I have met some wonderful couples and sisters.  One sister in our group is from Sydney, Australia and going to Washington DC.  There is a couple who lived in Silverdale for some time going to Japan and a couple from the Everett area going to Tiawan.  Amazing how small the world is.  This is a picture of the missionaries in my district.  All the missionaries are divided up into groups called districts.  We spent the whole week of classroom training with this group.  The entire group of senior missionaries that reported on Monday was 99.


The Fourth of July was very special.  We had class until noon and I did better with the role play, not so nervous and participated more.   At 8:00 PM there was a program for all the missionaries at the MTC.  I believe there are over 2500 here at a time.  The large auditorium was packed.  It began with everyone singing several songs.  Then two young men played the piano.  One was an original composition.  They were amazing.  Next two sisters and one elder on violins, one elder on the piano and one elder on the guitar played.  It was the old time fiddle music and they were really cute.  During the last song the MTC President's wife came out and played with them.  You should have heard all the missionaries when she came out.  They gave them a standing ovation.  They showed the film 17 Miracles after which we filed out and received ice cream and watched the fire works from the BYU Stadium.  There had been a big concert and show prior to the fireworks at the stadium.  It was an amazing evening. 

Fireworks at BYU Stadium from MTC

Next week is administrative training Monday through Thursday.  We are scheduled to leave the MTC Friday at 3PM to fly to Los Angeles and at 11:45 PM our flight leaves for Australia.  We arrive at 6:45 AM Sunday morning in Brisbane.  It is a very long flight with no stops.

It will be good to get there and begin this marvelous assignment and adventure.

Next blog update will be from AUSTRALIA.  

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  1. Sounds like you are getting all the training you need to be an awesome Missionary. So you should be in the air and on your way. Hope the flight is smooth! Let the excitement begin! Love you Patti Shaver don't you just love my other name...LOL